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My life is based on Jesus Christ. I live for Him and everything i do is for His glory. I like to write, so I thought I'll share it :)


There are those who are there for you no matter what happens or no matter how much time may pass

There are those who are there for you only when they get something in return

There are those who seem to be there for you, but then you realize they were only a shadow because for some reason it disappeared 

I’m not saying I’m a perfect friend because I’ve been in all of this situations

I’m not trying to make anyone feel guilty or bad 

I’m just reflecting on how we are sometimes 

Maybe we don’t even notice it 

Maybe we are not trying to hurt anyone 

We just have to remember that is not about “Me, Myself, and I” all the time 

It’s about “You, she, he and they” 

It’s simply what Jesus teaches us to do 

He said “Love others, as you love yourself” 

He did not say “Love yourself, and then love others sometimes”

What a challenge but how powerful 

"Dear children, Let’s not merely say that we love each other; let us show the truth by our actions"  - John 3:18

Brilliant was written at night on an ordinary day when I was in my room just reading my devotional and listening to some worship.

I came upon Psalm 8; I usually read my Bible in the NLT version but this night for some reason I wanted to read The Message version.

As I start reading this chapter I could not stop wondering why God love us so much. He created the universe and it’s all so complex and beautiful; He made it all just for us, so we can see its beauty and know that He is God and that He is there even though we may not “see Him”.

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El Papa Perfecto


Estoy agradecida por mi padre terrenal y con todo mi corazón le doi gracias por todo lo que a hecho por mi. Pero hoy tengo en mi corazón escribir a aquellos que no tienen su padre terrenal, que tal vez es simplemente ausente o tal vez ya no esta en este mundo. 

Yo estoy bendecida con un padre terrenal, pero quisiera hablar de mi padre celestial. Si mi Papa con P mayúscula; mi Papa perfecto. 

Tal vez no tengas un padre que te diga que te quiere y que te diga que estas hermosa todo los días, pero tu Papa te dice cada segundo que te ama porque te da vida y amor incondicional, algo que demostró cuando dio su vida por ti. 

Tal vez no tengas un padre que te sento en sus piernas y que te miro a los ojos y te dijo que todo estaba bien, que no tienes que temer de nada. Pero tu Papa te dice que eres tu nina consentida, en la que siente mucho orgullo de que sea su hija. 

Tal vez no tengas un padre que jugo con tigo a las munecas o que se sento a peinarte el pelo. Pero tu Papa a tocado tus mejillas y te a limpiado las lagrimas cada vez que llorabas sola en tu cuarto. Ese Papa que a sido esa mano cuando sentías que te inundabas en ese mar de tristeza. Y cuando no podías caminar te levantaba y te cargaba en medio del fuego con esos brazos fuertes y grandes. 

Tal vez no tengas un padre ausente, que parece que no le importas porque cada día que pasa, es como si no existieras. Pero tienes a ese Papa que cuando en las noches que te sentías sola y desamparada te traia regalitos enviados por angeles de brisa fresca y pajaritos lindos cantando dulces melodías, y te decía no hay nada que temer yo te amo, eres mi hija y eso nunca cambiara. 

Tal vez no tengas un padre que te quiera, o que este presente en tu vida. Tal vez le tengas rencor o rabia a ese padre que quieres tanto pero que nunca esta ahi cuando lo necesitas. Te quiero recordar, que Tu Papa, si su Papa del cielo quiere tener una relación especial con ti go, quiere que sepas que eres lo mas hermoso y significante para El. Nunca quiere que pienses que estas sol@, pero que siempre digas que tienes un Papa perfecto que nunca te desamparara. 

I can’t be shut

The time has come and there is no turning back 

fear stopped me for the longest time but faith has conquered it all

Life is a journey full of lessons

We may pass we may fail

But truth is with God we will always walk the right trail

We are a mess we are not perfect

But God is Love and He sees us with grace

Don’t limit yourself just because someone told you, you can’t 

If you don’t believe in you who will?

And yes just so you know, God does

Because if He believes in you that’s all you need

The storms may be rough

And the nights will be dark

But you know, there is always the light

The light that comes and calms your heart

You are not alone

But you are not your own

You were bought by love

With Jesus blood

You may not understand

The thing is that I can’t be shut

I will speak up

Jesus Loves you

Forever and ever  

Open your heart 

I May Not…But


I may not have a mansion, but I have a home 

I may not have the most luxurious car, but I have a little Honda that gives me the ride 

I may not have all the dresses and shoes I want, but I have few sweaters that keep me warm

I may not have the best job that pays me so much to go on vacations and afford me a massage, but I have enough to get me a cup of chai with a beautiful friend by my side 

I may not be the most beautiful girl in the world, but I know how to smile

I may not be the most intelligent girl, but I know how to forgive 

I may not have all the reaches 

all the power

all the answers

to life,

but I know the who is in charge, 

His name is Jesus 

He is enough

Even though…


I was feeling lost 

Even though it seemed I had it all 

I was feeling lonely

Even though I was surrounded by many 

I was smiling

Even though I was crying inside 

Trying to be tough 

and walking the walk 

I felt selfish and unworthy of your love 

thought to myself 

what am I even doing with this life 

But you gently whispered 

"No power in the sky above 

or in the earth bellow 

Nothing in all creation 

will ever be able to separate me from loving you” 

Then I felt tears running down my cheeks 

and my heart pounding fast 

just like a little girl that is in love 

the tears shouting of joy of being reminded 

how much he loves 

and even when I felt unworthy 

He repeats,

"all I have is love 

so don’t worry 

I am enough”






































































Life and Semicolon


There are things in life we invest so much in, and get lost in 

To realize that all the profit, benefit, or satisfaction we get is temporal

Yet we tend to ignore the eternal 

We push forward, push back, but never face the truth 

We keep saying excuses like 

"I’ll do it later" or "Not now" 

What does really matter in life anyway? 

What is worth investing our time and energy anyway? 

Better jobs, better income, better car, better house…

Better “something” that is tangible 

Something that will actually disappear someday, something temporal 

If life is about reaching “the better”

Then we don’t need eternity

We could simply have a past, a present and a future 

But a future with a period called death

Reality is that after death is not a period, it’s a semicolon 

see, the purpose of a semicolon is described as 

"to mark a break that is stronger than a comma but not as final as a full stop. It’s used between two main clauses that balance each other and are too closely linked to be made into separate sentences.”

Life before death and life after death are separated but yet closely linked to each other

There is something called eternity and life never ends 

There is a forever after death 

There will never be a period, because forever is forever 

So I simply ask myself and ask you 

Do you live until your semicolon 

or do you live for your life even after your semicolon 

|Scripture of the day 💕🎶 |what a great day! A little rainy but that’s okay, just keep being thankful all the way, everyday 😊🌸

|Scripture of the day 💕🎶 |what a great day! A little rainy but that’s okay, just keep being thankful all the way, everyday 😊🌸

Last night I was driving, and then I see fireworks right in front of me. The closer I get to the fireworks, the more I kept driving,I felt excited and joyful. Then this scripture came to mind. ☺️ Thank you Lord, you never miss the time to talk to us 💕 #fireworks #specialmoments #nightsky #bible #jesus #love #hope #dontgiveup #awesome #picoftheday #quoteoftheday

Last night I was driving, and then I see fireworks right in front of me. The closer I get to the fireworks, the more I kept driving,I felt excited and joyful. Then this scripture came to mind. ☺️ Thank you Lord, you never miss the time to talk to us 💕 #fireworks #specialmoments #nightsky #bible #jesus #love #hope #dontgiveup #awesome #picoftheday #quoteoftheday

Verse of the day ☺️💕 Life faces so many giants and storms and fears but what can keep u going is that Jesus is always by your side and He will never leave you nor forsake you✨ don’t give up He got you!!!

Verse of the day ☺️💕 Life faces so many giants and storms and fears but what can keep u going is that Jesus is always by your side and He will never leave you nor forsake you✨ don’t give up He got you!!!

it’s time to plan, to believe that there is a purpose to everything in life.


There are times when I feel like, what am I doing? I have dreams and desires but they seem so far.

I try to stay on track, you know like working out and eating healthy or keeping up with what’s the swag. 

I go to coffee shops, pull out my note book and pen; somehow it just looks cooler that way. Oh no, I’ll have my coffee with non-fat and a vegan cupcake because the sugar is bad. 

I sit down with my Macbook in front, my phone on the side and some cool music playing on my earphones; and please don’t forget the mug with the delicious chai.

Is this really what I should be doing by twenty-five? Every one else seems like are moving so fast, and I’m over here like how many followers do I have on Vine. 

Now, don’t get me wrong somethings are little and insignificant but also precious and unforgettable. I have a big God and He has a big plan for my life, but i just feel like I’m just holding back. Just wake up! maybe I’m not brave enough. 

No, that’s not the answer; it’s just a time to plan, to believe that there is a purpose to everything in life. 

I asked Him what is the answer to this season and He said

"Whoever purses righteousness and unfailing love will find life, righteousness, and honor. -Proverbs 21;21

So little, So Precious


The first sip of coffee 

When a dog stares at you  

The single cloud in a sunny sky

The embrace of the wind

I found joy and beauty in little things. It was a day very slow yet very calming and peaceful, not boring, just calm. 

Then I started having this little moments when I found myself smiling. You know that feeling when you are not laughing out loud or giggling, you just simply smile, and no one is looking at you. But then you know you are not alone; that’s the moment I had today. 

I took a sip of my hot coffee while sitting at a coffee shop in Hollywood, and then i felt that moment right away, I just felt like I wanted to praise Him. Then I thought, He is so present even while I’m just here drinking coffee not doing much He is still thinking about me, still keeping me company. 

We some times think that life has to be full of excitement and new things, which are good too, at their own times. However, life is beautiful because each of those little moments full with beauty is what makes every moment in life precious. 

Little things may not be noticeable to others, but it’s a way of realizing how personal and close He is to us.